Password is one of your best lines of defense against attackers, but they can crack it from you very, very quickly. 💨

But how quickly a hacker will be able to crack it. 🔓
The answer is, it’ll be pretty quick if I don’t use lots of upper case…

I feel like I have found the future of Yubikey. 🗝 ➡️ 🔑

The security of your identity on the Internet requires the security of your accounts and therefore your passwords. ㊙️

And to reinforce that, we can go through Hardware Tokens, like the Yubikey. Or the OnlyKey. 🔑

  • Is…

Passwords!!! It’s the Holy Grail of computer security. 🙈

Video with French Audio & English Subtitles

Everyone would like to get rid of it. 🚮
Everyone always has a revolutionary idea to do without it. 💡
But, when we look at the facts, we are still forced to use them…

Cyber ​​attacks are on the increase and can affect businesses, administrations, hospitals or individuals. Prevention and training is the key to guarding against these attacks

We quickly tend to think that the cost of a computer attack is limited to securing post-incident customer data, investigating the source of the incident…

That Economix book is super interesting, but it doesn’t give me a clue about the price of personal data

Since the Covid crisis, we have seen more and more attacks targeting hospitals and health establishments. 🏥

But how is it possible in the present day to say that we are going to attack a hospital? !! This is the question I asked myself. 🤔

And the answer is ultimately…

A CTF is the perfect place to learn security skills in a safe environment, knowing you are not going to destroy something valuable or do something illegal.

Moreover, you know that a vulnerability exists, about a particular problem, wether it is XSS, CSRF or many others and that there is…

Knowing where to start when I’m interested in offensive computer security can be tricky.
Should you read a book(s) ? Read as many articles as possible? Make a formation ? Watch videos on Youtube?

There are many possibilities.

But beyond all this, it is certain that at one time or…

Computer security is of interest to you, but you don’t know where to start.

You hear about CTF, Bug Bounty. We tell you it’s great to start training.

I’ll explain the differences between the two and where to start for it to be the most effective. There is a lot to learn with CTFs and Bug Bounties.

It’s very different, but the things to learn from it are amazing

You will know the best platforms and you will be able to make an informed choice.


Video with French Audio & English Subtitles

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Rémi Lavedrine

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